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For your added Confidence and Protection, Springclear Ltd.
are an Authorised Reseller of the Doulton range of Products


since 1826


 World Leading Brand

 Fairey Industrial Ceramics Limited t/a Doulton Water Filters, based in the Potteries area in North Staffordshire, United Kingdom,
 is the sole manufacturer of the world-famous  range of  Doulton® and British Berkefeld® ceramic drinking water filters.
 With over 191 years continuous manufacturing experience and Doulton® and  British Berkefeld® water  filters in use in 140
 countries world-wide, FICL is a global leader in water filtration, helping to provide clean, filtered  drinking water to
 millions of people every day.

 Doulton's extensive development laboratories are continually setting new standards in water quality throughout the world.
 Their commitment to quality has  been  demonstrated by achieving BS EN IOS 9001:2015 certification, tested and approved by:

 •  WRAS 
 •  Pace Analytical 
 •  Spectrum Labs (Minneapolis, USA) 
 •  WRC (Buckinghamshire, England) 
 •  National Sanitation Foundation (NSF Standards 42 & 53, USA) 
 •  Hyder Labs, Cheshire England 
 •  AL Control 
 •  ALS 
 •  And Many Other Independent Laboratories Worldwide

 Today, Doulton® is a household name synonymous with clean, healthy drinking water, they are selling over a million filtration
 systems each year in over 140  countries  around the globe.

 Why Choose Doulton®?

 Access to healthy, drinkable water is essential for everybody.

 With Doulton® you can guarantee superior ceramic water filtration technology for great tasting, healthy drinking water for the

 end users. Benefit from the experience of a world-famous manufacturer that has remained at the forefront of water filtration

 innovation since 1826.

 Filter performance is determined by a choice of filter grades and additional pre filters, designed to offer a completely 
 “tailored solution” for filtering  contaminants from variable water supplies.

 Healthy water. Healthy life

 The human body is, on average, 60% water, therefore it’s important to educate people about the benefits of staying
throughout the day in  order to stay healthy. Accessibility to great tasting water makes it easier and more enjoyable
 to drink 
and empowers people to replace unnatural  sugary juices and carbonated drinks.

 Refill not landfill

 Doulton® actively promotes an affordable eco-friendly ethos, affectionately known to us as “refill not landfill” A Doulton®
 drinking water filter can last for  up to 6 months and can filter up to 2,300 litres of water offering money saving 
 as well as  social and corporate responsibility. Using a ceramic  filter removes the need to purchase regular plastic 
 water, saving money  and landfill space.

 See further below more information regarding the ever increasing problem of Plastic Bottles blotting the worldwide land and

 If you buy Bottled Water, please read The Guardian comments on this major problem here -

 A pioneering heritage

 In Great Britain, the 19th-century river network was the country’s main water supply but the waterways also acted as a 
 primitive sewer system; a factor  that had serious health consequences.

 In 1826, Henry Doulton invented the concept of the contemporary ceramic candle water filter. Commissioned by Queen
in 1835, his pioneering  water filtration work and innovative services to the British Empire earned him a knighthood
 in 1887. 
He discovered that filtering water through porous  ceramic materials would prevent people from falling ill due to
 cholera and 
other waterborne diseases. Doulton® has continued his life’s work and  achieved numerous awards and
 international accreditations 
for sustained commitment to innovation.

 Access healthy water the easy way

 Doulton® water filter systems are proven, by independent tests, to remove 99.99%+ contaminants, such as chlorine and
that are added to  water during the treatment stages. Heavy metals, pathogenic bacteria and cysts that may
 penetrate the water 
are also removed at a verified level of  99.99%+. All that remains is a more natural and healthier
 filtered drinking water supply for 
people across the world to enjoy.

 The Doulton® range is trusted by millions. Every ceramic filter candle carries a unique authenticity code and every filter
has a warranty to  ensure product legitimacy.

 Doulton® ceramic drinking water filters are trusted by millions globally.

Take Charge

Reasons for Ceramic

Doulton® ceramic water filters are compact and lightweight making installation easy. Multiple long-term health benefits,
with money-saving advantages, offer a sensible way for end users to filter their drinking water in almost any



Filter candles are made from naturally occurring raw materials, which are easy to dispose of in an environmentally friendly
Long-term filter efficiency eliminates the need for costly bottled water and jug cartridges, and subsequent recycling.


Easy installation

A filter can be assembled and connected to a mains or gravity-fed water supply within minutes. Complicated plumbing skills
a power supply is not required.

Transferable and versatile

Gravity-fed filter systems are easy to relocate and quick to perform where access to a mains water supply is restricted,
offering the 
ideal solution for use outdoors.

Long lasting and value for money

Depending on how much water is required and the type of filter grade chosen, candles will last for 6-12 months. Filter life is

prolonged due to easy cleaning and the simple change of cost effective replacements.

Highly effective barrier

The manufacturing process of Doulton® ceramic filters accurately controls the ceramic pore structure, resulting in an
filtration rating of 99.99%+ for sub-micron particles and pathogenic bacteria. When optional pre filter cartridges
are fitted 
or partnered to existing units, contaminants only present in certain environments or mains water supplies, can
also be filtered.

Enhanced anti-bacterial action

BioTect® proprietary silver formula integrated anti-bacterial technology guards the filter against bacteria growth and
the need for boiling as a method of sterilisation.

Essential mineral retention

Doulton® ceramic filters do not add anything to the water during filtration, helping to deliver a superior taste. This also
that the water remains healthy by retaining essential minerals.

since 1826-2

Common Contaminants

A range of Doulton® ceramic filter elements and pre filter cartridges are available to select in accordance with which

contaminants need to be filtered from the water supply.

Doulton® water filters provide absolute filtration (less than 1 micron), and are proven by independent laboratory
testing to be 99.99%+ effective against filtering all main contaminants that could affect water supplies across the
world. The most frequent impurities found are listed below:

Pathogenic bacteria

Infrequent in domestic mains water supplies, pathogenic bacteria can be detected in unchlorinated private water
supplies and stored water as the environment creates perfect breeding conditions.

Pathogenic bacteria such as E. coli, salmonella and cholera are responsible for many common types of waterborne
diseases, some fatal in certain parts of the world.

Waterborne cysts

Waterborne cysts such as cryptosporidium and giardia are found in human and animal faeces and can survive for
long periods. As a consequence, they can access water supplies easily and are common due to their resistance to
chlorine and other chemical treatments. Painful stomach and digestive illnesses can be experienced even if
digested in low quantities.


Disinfectants such as chlorine are added at water treatment plants. They are extremely effective in killing bacteria
but the dead microbes are never actually removed. Consequently, this can cause unpleasant tasting drinking water.
Risk can also be associated with chlorine reacting with water organics to produce cancer-forming carcinogens.

Heavy metals

Heavy metals such as lead can cause mental and physical illnesses, with the effects on children and pregnant
women being widely reported. Metals often leach into water through old pipe systems and building materials
after the supply has been treated or from portable sources. A special ion exchange resin can target heavy metal
compounds for effective filtration.

Rust and other particles

Old iron pipework can allow minute rust and foreign particles to seep into a water supply and affect the taste and
wholesomeness of the water. Local Water Authorities provide public and easily accessible information about the
water they supply, including its possible contaminants. This information enables end users to choose an appropriate
filter grade that meets their filtration performance requirements.

Water Quality

Contaminated water tastes and smells unpleasant and can be detrimental to health, no matter how small the level of pollution. 
Water is essential to life and all sources have the potential to become contaminated.

Micro-organisms and pollutants can wash into water supplies from the surrounding land and whilst naturally occurring minerals 
are beneficial, some substances are toxic, especially if absorbed over long periods.

Mains drinking water

Mains tap water is usually drinkable in the western world. Contamination and quality levels can vary due to individual standards 
in collection methods, treatment and distribution processes. The final drinking water supply can differ greatly in taste and odour 
and is often the reason why so many end users choose to purchase bottled water and jug filter cartridges.

Bottled water

Popular perception of bottled water usually infers a single supply source and therefore, consistency and high quality. Couple that 
with the picture of fresh mountain spring water and the advertising campaigns and packaging designs would have us believe that 
bottled water is the purest form possible. Despite this, many bottled water providers are simply supplying filtered tap water in a 
branded bottle.

On price comparison alone you would expect bottled water to be a much higher quality than tap water although questions about 
water source, its filter processes and contaminant testing are often difficult to obtain from bottled water companies.

Private water supplies

Private water supplies such as wells, streams, rainwater collection tanks and other sources lack sufficient controlled treatment. 
As a result, the water is unchlorinated and vulnerable to bacteriological contamination, contracted by unwanted particles such 
as sediment and rust, and impurities found in animal faeces.

A consistent water quality solution

A Doulton® ceramic drinking water filter benefits from a controlled pore structure which provides a highly consistent and genuine 
sub micron filtration of a wide range of waterborne contaminants.

Concerned over plastic in drinking water? Take control with a ceramic filter

National media has been reporting on an issue of immense importance to health – the presence of plastic in drinking
water. see The Guardian report on this issue -


Since 1826, Doulton® water filters have been saving lives and making polluted water drinkable. 

It all started by filtering cholera out of water from the Thames. Bringing this right up to date we are now filtering micro plastic
out of tap water in people's homes. Even today, all of our filters are still Made in England and finished by hand in the Potteries
in Staffordshire. 

Just as a colander doesn't let the vegetables you are washing pass through the holes, Doulton® filters do not let micro plastic
through the pores of our special ceramic filters. Those pores are 100 times thinner than a human hair - less than 0.5 microns.
Micro plastic is 2.5 microns. Doulton® filters are also a proven bacteria barrier, filtering out 99.999% of pathogenic bacteria.
They absorb chlorine, bad tastes and odours, and can even take lead and heavy metals out of your water. If limescale,
fluoride or nitrates are a concern, we have systems to reduce those too. 

Doulton® filters are a simple, cost-effective way to protect yourself if plastic is present in your tap water. They are an
environmentally conscious solution. Doulton® ceramics are made from natural earths. Our activated carbon is made
from coconut shells. Only the long-life filter cartridge needs to be replaced, and then only after 6 months. The filter housing
remains in place, further reducing waste. 

By adding a Doulton® ceramic water filter to your cold water drinking tap you can protect your family and the environment.
After all, who needs one-use plastic bottles when you have bottled quality water on tap at home? 

A Doulton® ceramic water filter, manufactured in the UK to the highest world standards, is the best way to take control of the 
quality of the drinking water that comes out of your tap, for just pennies per litre. You filter the water
just before you drink it,
so it could not be fresher or tastier.

Doulton® ceramic filters are an excellent way of removing plastic micro fibres - the fibres described are 2.5 microns in size.
Doulton®’s ceramic filters are capable of removing particles much 
smaller than this (0.5 microns) as well as a multitude of other impurities.

To purchase Doulton®’s latest under-sink filter system, please contact - Springclear ltd. on 01159 460317 for more info.