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British Berkefeld

British Berkefeld



BRITISH BERKEFELD products have been sold in the UK for many years, it is the brand name of a product manufactured by the British company - FAIREY INDUSTRIAL CERAMICS.

OBSURD BUT TRUE, Fairey Industrial Ceramics continue to make the BRITISH BERKEFELD products, but have made the decision that products formerly sold in the UK under the name of BRITISH BERKEFELD should NO LONGER be sold in the BRITISH isles by BRITISH retailers to BRITISH residents.

All of the BRITISH BERKEFELD products have now been re-branded as DOULTON products with the exception of the British Berkefeld 7" ATC Super Sterasyl Candle - (for use with the British Berkefeld Gravity Filter), which for some strange reason has NOT been made available as a Doulton product, so therefore is still available and shown below.

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