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TRIFLOW was established in 1978 (and was formerly known as Avilion), The Triflow product established a reputation for being a respected supplier of point-of-use water treatment systems and in association with FRANKE, the SWISS Sink manufacturer there have been over half a million systems sold worldwide under the brand name - FRANKE TRIFLOW. These systems deliver the freshest, highest quality drinking water straight from the tap, using a dedicated waterway within the same spout as the hot and cold water to avoid cross-contamination.


Over the last few years there has been a lot of confusion surrounding the Triflow product, this has been due to the two companies - Franke and Triflow Concepts (the manufacturer) going there seperate ways, FRANKE now have their own product called  "FRANKE FILTERFLOW" and the original Franke Triflow product is still being manufactured under the names of PERRIN & ROWE and TRIFLOW CONCEPTS, the original styles of Franke Triflow Filter taps are still available under the Brand Name of Perrin & Rowe and other styles are available from Triflow Concepts.

The TRIFLOW reputation both past and present, has been founded upon:

•   Quality UK manufacturing.

•   Innovative designs.

•   An infinite attention to detail.

•   The world’s first kitchen tap to deliver hot and cold mains water plus pure filtered water through a dedicated waterway 
    within the same spout and operated by a third tap handle

•   The dedicated waterway for the filtered water prevents any possibility of cross contamination of the water once it has 
    been filtered.

•   The world’s most advanced and safe filters. Manufactured in Switzerland by Katadyn.

•   An eco-friendly and cost effective solution to offering filtered water to the household.

•   Product quality and reliability second none.

•   A diligent and responsive Customer Service department through Springclear ltd. - a Triflow Specialist, whose staff 
    have a combined association with the product of over 41 years.

•   Excellent filter and spares availability.

•   Ongoing product design and development.

Triflow has the solution to your modern day water supply requirements.

SPRINGCLEAR Ltd. is an APPROVED Triflow Concepts supplier.