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Spring Clear water filters and replacement cartridges

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Looking to upgrade your existing Franke water filter system? We are the largest supplier of compatible Water filter cartridges for the Franke Triflow System in the UK, over the years we have been contacted by many of our existing and new customers, of their disappointment with their Franke Triflow System, the complaints fall mainly into 2 areas.
Lime Scale Reduction:- Many owners of the Franke Triflow systems with the three-way tap, the Mini Triflow Tap and also the Little Butler 2000, have upgraded from a jug filter, having enjoyed the quality of water that the jug filter provided, but wanting the convenience of the same filtered water on tap. Unfortunately despite the Franke Triflow filter system being excellent at removing the smell and taste of Chlorine and Bacteria (which we don’t actually have in UK mains water as the Chlorine kills 99.99% of all known Bacteria) they are NOT designed to remove Limescale, they never have been!  

In conjunction with EVERPURE USA - one of the largest water filter producers in the world, we have created a system to completely upgrade the Franke Triflow Filter system with the White Plastic Housing (NOT the Tap which is unaffected by the upgrade), the upgrade option is the EVERPURE OCS2 system . The system was originally designed for use in the ever expanding coffee shop industry, as a pre-filter for the expensive coffee machines to remove the taste and odour of Chlorine, Bacteria and reduce Limescale, thus protecting the machines from the build up of Limescale and  producing an excellent cup of coffee into the bargain, this commercial facility is now available for use with the Franke Triflow System for domestic use.
Leaking Filter Housing :- We practically hear every day of the problems with customer’s MK. 2 version White Plastic Housings leaking from the joint between the White base and the Black top of the housing, this is mainly due to the rubber “O” ring in the Black cap getting hard with age and not making a good seal, we have customers complaining that the bottom of the housing is difficult to undo and then the changing of the cartridge is a delicate and messy job. The later MK. 3 version Franke Triflow Systems were supplied with a Stainless Steel Housing, which to be fair, overcame the leaking problems associated with the Plastic Housings.

Upgrade Options :- We have explored many alternative filtration options as comparable and cost effective to the Franke system, whilst the newer Stainless Steel Housing is an excellent piece of kit, by today's standards the type of Filter system is a bit old fashioned, the modern trend is 1/4 turn bayonet fitting cartridges that come with new seals attached and an isolation valve built into the head, with no need to even turn the water off at the mains to replace the cartridges,  replacement of cartridges taking less than a minute with NO effort required and NO leaks. The upgrade system takes less than 10 minutes to fit and less than a minute to change the cartridge. We are currently offering the system complete with Head, Filter and full Fitting instructions, the capacity of the cartridge is 5,678 litres, this works out to 15.5 litres of fresh filtered water per day over a 1 year period.

Upgrade costs for the Everpure Filter

The cost of the EVERPURE alternative upgrade option is £69.00 including the first OCS2 cartridge, the price includes all fittings, instructions, VAT and postage. 

The ongoing cost:-  When a replacement becomes necessary after approximately 1 Year, the replacement cartridges are currently:- 

OCS2 Cartridge £39.00 each including VAT and postage

The current price of the TF321 genuine Triflow cartridge is £49.00 per cartridge, per six months replacement, which is £98.00 per year compared to £35.00 per year with the EVERPURE OCS2 system.

If you do not have Mains water or you require a specific type of cartridge and would like further details on choice of cartridges or any other details, please do not hesitate to contact us on 0115 9460317.