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Spring Clear water filters and replacement cartridges

Inline Water Filters

Inline Water Filters 

Do you need an Inline water filter? Would you like to buy genuine Inline water filters to make your water taste great and healthy?

Welcome to Spring Clear - the home of water filters. Not only do Inline water filters remove the presence of Chlorine, but they also counteract over 50 other potentially harmful substances. So, when Inline water flows from you tap, we can guarantee great tasting and safe water for you and your family to enjoy. 

If you buy an Inline water filter to use for your drinking water, rather than picking up bottled water from the supermarket, you will also eliminate plastic waste and get water which is just as good as any bottled brands on the market today.

Inline water filters provide the complete solution to your drinking water needs and we can guarantee you will get the very best drinking water experience for the entire family.


Which Inline Filters can I buy today? 

Spring Clear has a wide collection of the best water filter systems Inline provides, including the Compact Inline Filter System and the GAC Phosphate Cartridge. 

We provide the ultimate selection of Inline water filters for your kitchen at a price that won't ruin your bank balance. From as low as £18, you can begin your journey with us and feel and enjoy the benefits of drinking pure, healthy water.


What are the other major benefits of this filter?

Inline water filters use a professional and dependable carbon block which fights scale and grime. If your home is located in a hard water area, these filters can be effective when it comes to getting ride of scale, volatile organic compounds and chlorinated hydrocarbons. If you change your filter every 6 months you can enjoy a constant flow of clean and refreshing drinking water thanks to the Inline system.


What makes Carbon so special? 

Activated carbon extracts chlorine and acts as a reliable filter for the reduction of annoying and damaging particles which can gather in drinking water. 


How do Inline water filters work? 

Firstly, the filter will take a feed from from your cold water pipe, which diverts through its unique system straight into the kitchen tap.

This type of water filter has the clear advantage on other techniques – such as the reverse osmosis system – and creates extremely high quality water which doesn't have any harmful bacteria, chemicals or viruses that can be present in drinking water.

And don't forget, all of our water filters are checked and tested by all of the necessary professional bodies which monitor and assess the quality of water.