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Established in 1978 (and formerly known as Avilion), Triflow has established a reputation for being a respected supplier of point-of-use water treatment systems. In association with FRANKE the SWISS Sink manufacturer there have been over half a million systems sold worldwide under the brand name - FRANKE TRIFLOW. These deliver the freshest, highest quality drinking water straight from the tap, using a dedicated waterway within the same spout as the hot and cold water to avoid cross-contamination.

The TRIFLOW reputation has been founded upon: 

•   Quality UK manufacturing.

•   Innovative designs.

•   An infinite attention to detail.

•   The world’s first kitchen tap to deliver hot and cold mains water plus pure filtered water through a dedicated waterway 

    within the same spout and operated by a third tap handle

•   The dedicated waterway for the filtered water prevents any possibility of cross contamination of the water once it has
    been filtered.

•   The world’s most advanced and safe filters. Manufactured in Switzerland by Katadyn.

•   An eco-friendly and cost effective solution to offering filtered water to the household.

•   Product quality and reliability second none.

•   A diligent and responsive Customer Service department through Springclear ltd. - a Triflow Specialist, whose staff
    have a combined association with the product of over 41 years.

•   Excellent filter and spares availability.

•   Ongoing product design and development.


 Triflow has the solution to your modern day water supply requirements.

SPRINGCLEAR Ltd. is an APPROVED Triflow Concepts supplier.



Triflow Concepts uses Katadyn filters in all their filtered tap water systems, here's some information about their chosen partner for filter technology:

The Katadyn Group is a global corporate group specialized in the area of self-sufficient nutrition and drinking water supply. Its brands include Katadyn, Trek’n Eat, Alpine Aire Foods, Optimus, Pharmavoyage, Micropur, Certisil, Aquafides and Spectra. With this broad brand portfolio, the group provides products and solutions for the outdoor and marine industries as well as for industrial and municipal needs. Its diverse product palette ranges from freeze-dried speciality meals and outdoor cooking gear to mobile and land-based water desalination systems and specialized disinfection systems for the pharmaceutical industry. Indeed, humanitarian aid organizations and the military for years have been regular customers of the Swiss group of companies. With headquarters in Kemptthal (Zurich), the Katadyn Group employs more than 140 people at its subsidiaries in Europe, Asia and the United States.

Click here to order your replacement Katadyn filter for your Triflow/Franke Triflow/Perrin & Rowe Filter System. 





It's wasteful
The number of plastic water bottles sent to UK landfill sites each year would fill Wembley stadium twice over. (Source: Which? 2010)

It has a high carbon foot print
According to Thames Water, a litre of mains water creates about 0.0003kg of CO2, around 600 times less than the 0.185kg generated by a litre of Volvic or the 0.172kg produced by the same volume of Evian. (Source: The Guardian, 11/08/2009)

It’s expensive
Thames Water calculates that one litre of water from its taps costs approximately 0.097p. In comparison to a 75cl bottle of Evian at 75p, this makes bottled water in London 1,000 times more expensive than that from the tap. (Source: Thames Water, 2009)

It’s not as healthy as you may think
Bottled water is associated with healthy living, however roughly 40 percent actually begins as tap water; often the only difference is added minerals that have no marked health benefit. (Source: The Earth Policy Institute, 2006)

The alternative to bottled water 
You can now enjoy pure, crystal clear water straight from your tap. The Triflow Concept filter systems deliver water with all the harmful contaminants removed and important mineral properties retained. All in an instant and with just a fraction of the carbon footprint and cost of bottled water. 




It’s healthy
With the world’s first dedicated water way integrated with the world’s No 1 ceramic filter the system removes impurities whilst leaving beneficial minerals. Our point of use filter systems means there is no need to use bottled water which could contain harmful chemicals that leach into the water from the polycarbonate plastic bottles.

It’s environmentally friendly
Every year, 200 billion litres of bottled water are consumed globally which generates 1.5 million tons of plastic waste. Plastic bottles can take up to 1000 years to biodegrade, and as they do they can leach toxic chemicals into groundwater. Our point of use filter system makes it easy and eco-friendly to drink filtered water. Why take water from someone else’s supply when you can drink it directly from your own. You can even take it with you by purchasing one of our BPA Free Triflask; no chemical leaching, just crystal clear filtered water on the go. 

It’s cost effective
Thames Water calculates that one litre of water from its taps costs approximately 0.097p. In comparison to a 75cl bottle of Evian at 75p, this makes bottled water in London 1,000 times more expensive than that from the tap. (Source: Thames Water, 2009). Our point of use filter system can cost approximately 3p per litre making it the easy choice over bottled water especially when 25% of bottled water is just filtered tap water.



To Increase Awareness
Bottled water is an environmental menace. The energy required to produce and transport millions of bottles of this free, natural resource around the world is causing irreparable damage to our planet. This campaign seeks to highlight the negative and unnecessary impact bottled water has on our environment.


To Change Perceptions
Drinking bottled water is not cool and it’s no safer for you than drinking tap water. Up to 40% of bottled water comes from the same source as tap water; however, tap water adheres to much stricter regulations. Through the ‘Back to Tap’ campaign, we aim to change the consumer perception that bottled water is luxurious and lifestyle-enhancing; exposing it as the wasteful and ecologically unsustainable product it really is.


To Encourage a Change in Behaviour
Through informing and educating consumers about the negative environmental and financial effects of drinking bottled water, this campaign seeks to persuade consumers to choose tap water over bottled wherever possible.




TRIFLOW products are manufactured utilising industry leading technology, quality and design. As a result we are proud to offer the following warranty: your Triflow tap, apart from the filter housing and the surface finish, is guaranteed by  (Triflow Concepts Ltd./Springclear Ltd.) against any manufacturing defect for a period of 5 years from the date on which you purchased it from us. A period of 2 years from date of purchase applies to Triflow stainless steel filter housing and the Triflow plastic filter housing. The surface finish of Triflow products is guaranteed for 1 year from the date of purchase.

Should a fault occur within the applicable warranty period, a free replacement part can be issued. In the event that this does not resolve the problem, a replacement product will be supplied.  

The warranty is given subject to the following terms and conditions.

The warranty applies only to the original owner (purchaser), and is only valid providing the Triflow tap is used as recommended and in normal residential applications.

In the event of a warranty claim, the original owner (purchaser) will be required to provide proof of purchase, which must include the date of purchase.

The warranty covers all components necessary to restore the Triflow tap to good working condition.

Triflow Concepts Ltd./Springclear Ltd. reserves the right to inspect the installation prior to the replacement of the tap or any of its component parts.

Triflow Concepts Ltd./Springclear Ltd. shall be under no liability in respect of any defect in any product arising from the following:

•   Defective installation,

•   Fair wear and tear,

•   Wilful damage,

•   Impurities

•   Negligence of any party other than Triflow Concepts Ltd./Springclear Ltd.

•   Abnormal working or environmental conditions,

•   Failure to follow the instructions of Triflow Concepts Ltd./Springclear Ltd.

•   Misuse (which includes any use of the product(s) concerned  for a purpose or in a situation/environment or for an    
    application other than that for which it was designed for)

•   Alteration or repair of any product(s) without prior written approval of Triflow Concepts Ltd./Springclear Ltd.

Please do not under any circumstances use abrasive liquids, powders, or scouring pads to clean Triflow taps
(original systems), as this will damage the plated finish and void your warranty.

Any replacement excludes transportation and any labour re-installation costs. 

The Triflow Concepts Ltd./Springclear Ltd. warranty is limited to the above conditions and to the warranty period specified herein and is exclusive.

Where the Triflow tap is sold to you under a consumer transaction as defined by the Consumer Transactions (Restrictions and Statements Order 1976) the statutory rights of the Buyer are not affected by these Conditions.