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3M Water Filters 

There's no substitute for great tasting water. And if you need a long term solution to drive pure, healthy and refreshing water to your home or business, Spring Clear and 3M water filters such as the 3M CS-52 water filter provide the complete package.

Explore this page today and discover a full range of 3M water filters than you can buy online for your home and business!

3M water filters for the Home

It doesn't really matter if you live in a soft or hard water area, we believe your drinking water should always be impurity free.

We've done our research, and we know how risky consuming high levels of contaminated water can be to your health, and we trust that 3M advanced systems ensures that you and your family can benefit from the best possible drinking water.

3M's “point-of-entry” systems work by filtering water and removing rust and dirt between 1 and 50 micron, and they also effortlessly reduce any unsavoury chlorine tastes present in water as well as any off-putting odours, corrosion or scale.

Spring Clear can offer you high-quality 3M water filters in all of its forms for drinking, cooking and washing.

3M water filters can deliver almost pure water by removing up to an estimated 95% of Total Disposable Solids (TDS), so you can have complete faith in a system which has been tried, tested and successfully placed in thousands of homes throughout the United Kingdom.

What are the other major benefits of using a 3M Water Filter in your home or office?

3M water filters remove chlorine and odours from drinking water easily and effectively.

They offer a full range of mains fed filtering products that adopts ground-breaking carbon technology as well as reverse osmosis membranes to create impurity free water for you to savour 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. And that's a Spring Clear Promise.

3M water filters for business

Water is a vital factor in any business in the food, hospitality and catering industries and providing first class water to your customers is part and parcel of any basic service a company should offer.

So, if your goal is to produce five-star and highly consistent beverages or saving valuable funds by safeguarding your machinery and equipment from corrosion and scale, 3M is extremely well placed to meet your needs, thanks to the company's highly efficient water filtering systems.

Through pioneering development and a solid understanding of customer expectations, 3M water filters can take any challenges drinking water can conjure head on. If this sounds like the kind of system you'd like at your workplace, Spring Clear would be happy to help you find the products you need.