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Blanco Water Filters


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Blanco Water Filters

Looking for Blanco Water Filters? Would you like to buy a leading water filter cartridge but unsure which one to get?

Spring Clear is a water filter expert and stocks all of the latest Blanco filters, so you can enjoy pure drinking water right from your kitchen tap at home or from the office.

Blanco water filters act quickly against bad elements present in water and will give you the best quality drinking water wherever and whenever you need it. Along with removing annoying substances like dirt and sediment, the filters Blanco provides are highly efficient in combating a range of toxins, heavy metals and contaminants and also ensure all of the essential minerals you need remain.


Why should you buy a Genuine Blanco Water Filter?

Blanco's unique filtering system have all been tested and checked independently and where other filters fail – for example by failing to remove harmful trace elements – Blanco filters show a significant success rate when it comes to purifying water.

But that's not all! The filtered water produced from these filters also meets and in many instances exceeds the legal requirements laid down by EU drinking directives and international drinking water standards, meaning you'll be given peace of mind and first class water which you can depend on.

And don't forget, Blanco's filtered water cartridges are incredibly easy to install, fit and replace!


What are the main features of Blanco Water Filters? 

Produced in Great Britain specifically for UK water systems in the home, these filters come as a special heavy metal model.

This kind of filter can deliver a boundless quantity of safe drinking water which is both refreshing, thirst quenching and high quality.

How does it all work? Well, the Blanco filter's diverter valve is known for being able to block off water from the normal indoor supply which creates first class filtered water which can be maintained 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Furthermore, this particular type of water filter conforms to all of the UK health laws when they are placed into the water network.

Don't believe us? It's true. The Blanco Water filter ingredients and mechanics complies fully to the letter of the law and have been checked fully against safety guidelines. 

What does all of that mean? It means the water filters are legal, safe and high performing.

They are incredibly bacteriostatic which means that even when the filter is due to be replaced, it will show zero indication of the presence of any kind of toxin in the water.

The filter has a lifespan of 6000 litres of water, which is the equivalent to approximately 6 months of usage.

Being easy to install, affordable and incredibly resistant makes Blanco Water Filters one of the best products on the market today. 

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