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Everpure Water Filters: The Pure Solution To Your Water Needs. 

Are you searching for Everpure water filters? Are you on the hunt for reliable and healthy water canisters to make your water taste great? You've come to the right place! 

Spring Clear specialises in Everpure water filters for business and for the home. 

If you've ever enjoyed Coca Cola at a restaurant or a coffee at Costa, there's a strong chance you've tasted water from an industry leading Everpure water filter.


What makes Everpure water filters the best? 

Well, that's an easy one. Everpure water filters make use of a special pre-coat technology which allows for an absolute filtration – meaning the water tastes amazing and the filter has a much longer lifespan than its competitors. 

Unlike many other leading brands, Everpure filters have a submicron contaminant removal installed as well as cyst protection and avoids annoying system failures, such as dumping and channeling.

And remember, Everpure filters are certified under the highest of standards, meaning you'll be picking up one of the most reliable and trusted water filters on the market! 

Many of our Everpure filters, such as the Everpure 4H Water Filter Cartridge and the Everpure Insurice I-4000 Replacement Filter Cartridge, have an almost 100% success rate at reducing harmful lead from water and they can also dramatically contain and minimise harmful organic chemicals and cryptosporidium – which can cause gastrointestinal illness such as diarrhea.


How does the technology work? 

Everpure Water Filters sets the benchmark for which other water filtration systems are measured.

Its filter membrane has almost six times the filtering surface area of other carbon filters out there.

Imagine a filter than can house six filters into one canister? That's the equivalent to what an Everpure water filter can achieve time and time again! 

Everpure's special Micro-Pure technology – which consists of an extremely delicate coating of activated carbon – provides an unrivalled and persistant product. 

But that's not all, its pre-coat filtration gets rid off any unpleasant tastes, smells and the smallest of particles.

With Everpure water filters, you can forget about lead or asbestos and you can enjoy clean, pure and healthy water all of the time. 

If you choose to buy one, we can guarantee your new buy can't be beaten in the industry, especially when it comes to getting rid of water impurities and other potentially harmful substances. 

Everpure's first class pre-coat filters ensures that the very last droplet is as fantastic as the very first. 

If you want superior filtration for you business or your home, Everpure water filters provide the ultimate solution!