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Spring Clear water filters and replacement cartridges

Water Gem Filters


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Water is vital for your body’s balance and well-being, enjoy clean, clear, fresh-tasting water straight from your own tap, Removes bad tastes & smells, Protects against chlorine & other chemicals, it filters sediment, dirt & rust & inhibits scale.

The WATER GEM® comes complete with absolutely everything you need for a simple DIY fitting, including clear step-by-step instructions. There is no need to cut off the water supply or to cut any pipes. The WATER GEM can be fitted into all kitchen units and the tap can be installed on either surface-mounted or countersunk sink units.


The filter cartridge is easily replaced with simple push-in connectors. The WATER GEM® has a three year guarantee for all parts excluding the replaceable filter.


You also have the added security of a HELPLINE number 01159 460317 should you have any questions.


The WATER GEM® is a WRAS approved product and proudly manufactured in the UK.


The WATER GEM® is Inexpensive to purchase, Easy to install, Economic to run - costs less than 1p per litre, Convenient to use - no more heavy bottles to buy or slow filter jugs taking up worktop space, wholesome drinking water, retains beneficial natural minerals


Europe’s best selling under sink water filter.